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Difference between "foo" and “foo”, 'foo' and ‘foo’ — and -- as well

Look at this title: The meaning of a long dash? Ah, no, it's --, correctly spelled in the title, but mangled in the title, which means that it's mangled in search engine results too. Or look at this ...
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2 answers

Should We Use Title Case for Titles?

This question was updated with the reason "Make title readable.". The title was changed from How Can I Output File Size In Bytes AND MB? to How may I output file size in both bytes and MB? So is it ...
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1 answer

Why does the header of the tab shows the first tag and not the title of the question?

Why does the header of the tab shows the first tag and not the title of the question as other stackexchange sites?
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Write a good title!

I want someone to lend me their shoulder to cry on, each time I see a question with the title like: Help me understand this command These questions normally don't attract good feedback. Most ...
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Why do titles containing ".." remove these dots

An example would be here. I had to exchange the original double dot .. in the title with `..` in the question title. Why does SE remove the double dots in a question title?
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2 answers

Titles that contain tags

This is sort of a version of this question. I just reviewed an edit on How do I apply parameters to specific kernels with GRUB 2? that wanted to remove GRUB 2 from the title, because "tag-like ...
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