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2 answers

Contributions to the Wiki: Distribution tags

I've started filling in distro information for the [arch-linux] tag wiki It would be nice to have a wiki entry for each distribution, and I'm keen to do some work. But what details should we specify?...
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26 votes
1 answer

PSA: If you are not going to spend any effort writing an useful tag wiki/excerpt, please don't do it

I've seen this couple of times—people copy information from Wikipedia or somewhere else, and paste it into the tag wiki/excerpt as is. This is not how it was meant to be used! You can't just dump some ...
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"You ... you complete me" said the autocomplete tag

Calling all those interested in helping the site and potentially gaining a tag editor or research assistant badge! We have a tag with an old, copy-pasted excerpt & wiki that could use some ...
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List all tags that don't have an excerpt?

I saw this SQL query on another question, but I didn't know about the members in the table. How can I list all the tags created that have no excerpt yet?
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