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The suggested edit queue needs to be clearer if it's a question or answer

Both @slm and I managed to vote to approve this suggested edit, not realizing it was fixing broken code in the question as opposed to an answer. (Faheem Mitha rejected, after I admitted my mistake in ...
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Rename adb to android-adb

Since this is about UNIX, I would expect that the tag adb refers to the advanced debugger written by Stephen Bourne in the mid 1970 as the standard debugger for UNIX. This tag currently however is ...
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copied content when rejecting suggested edits on tags and tag wikis

I have the habit of cut-and-pasting the content of suggested edits on tags, and tag wikis, into Google, especially if they are completely new content. This proposed edit for /u-boot: Das U-Boot is ...
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Page Not Found when improving a suggested edit to a tag wiki body

I reviewed a suggested edit to a tag wiki and decided to click Improve. I wrote some text (at, then submitted my edit. I was brought to ...
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Spaces should be counted for the 6 character edit limit

You know the message Edits must be at least 6 characters Though I understand the reason for that and read discussions like this, it's even more annoying for questions with wrong or missing ...
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Possible changes highlighting/rendering bug in Edit Review page

So, this is an edit I just got approved a few minutes ago: I see a very minor discrepancy that may still be a bug though. First, the ...
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