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How to merge my own duplicate question?

How to merge my own duplicate question? Such as: When a package recommends A or B, which one is installed? Why isn't lxterminal installed when installing lxde-core?
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"That is not possible" is a valid answer

"No" is a valid answer to "is this possible?". Sometimes it can be quite useful. A recent example: How to ban all connections to .se and .ru in the hosts.deny file Or not?
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Is it me or is it strange for this question to have blown up so much?

Yesterday, a new user asked, Is it possible to define a command in bash? This seems like a very basic question that has been answered thousands of times on the internet already. That being said, it'...
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Reopen a closed question after a major edit?

I asked a question here and it got closed. I believe that the concerns cited were dealt with very clearly in the original question and that the people who closed it simply did not read past the title, ...
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Is a question really a duplicate if specifically asked about one tool but suggested duplicate is for another?

If the answer to a proposed duplicate question can be solved by the accepted answer to an existing question, but the new question specifically asks about a specific tool/technique then is it really a ...
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How to reopen my "on hold" question?

If my question still unclear then how to next? (I have deplete my ideas, I need help or more clue as similar comments already in my question, thanks you). How to reopen my "on hold" question? If my ...
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Why was my C programming question closed?

I asked a question on the Main U&L site, and just seen now, that it is closed due to being off topic. To me this question belongs on U&L as I have been working on Ubuntu and found this on my ...
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