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Searching for [cd] should inform the user to disambiguate the search instead of returning 0 results

Tag in question: Incorrect search I performed: [windows-subsystem-for-linux] [cd] Correct search: [windows-subsystem-for-linux] [cd-command] Searching ...
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How do I search for a question I posted?

I asked about something on U&L some time ago. How do I search for my own question, based on a word in the subject line? For the search - I only want results with questions from me. Can that be ...
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Filters for finding useful answers

Background I was looking at a recently asked question, where the asker was clearly out of their depth with an issue. The gist was essentially "I've got this problem, help please, because I've no ...
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Is it possible to complete tags when searching questions?

When writing a question, tags can be completed just by starting to write a word. However when searching for questions with specific tags, input like "[bla" does not complete. I wonder how ...
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How can I list all my posts both deleted and nondeleted?

How can I list all my posts both deleted and nondeleted? In the search box of main site: user:674 deleted:yes only shows deleted posts. user:674 deleted:yes deleted:no doesn't list both deleted ...
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I need help finding this question: How to simulate one large file out of many segments?

I know this question has already been asked, so asking it again would make it a doublon. But I can not remember how exactly that question was phrased, so I am unable to find it. It was about ...
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How to find your own questions?

I'm looking for how to find your own questions.
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Why doesn't search find my answer?

To give Bond eth0 and LTE Modem a pointer, I was trying to find a previous answer I knew I'd written about how we use multiple ISPs at work. I was also going to point to some other folk's answers, but ...
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indexing and searching within

I wanted to find if I have asked a question about disk-image, so I tried various permutations of user:me tags [disk-image] and user:me type is:question tags [disk-image] but failed to find any ...
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Using wildcards in the title operator

I'm trying to trying to get Why not use "which"? What to use then? to show up in the search and I searched for title:which* and it is not turning up. Needless to say, title:which and title:*...
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Trying to illustrate how my question differs from an existing one

My question ( Is there a way to cat files as they are created? ) is marked as a duplicate, but I believe it differs significantly from the indicated question. I've added what I think are redundant ...
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When I search for debian-installer, how do I filter out questions about installing * on Debian?

firstly there does not appear to be a d-i tag or equivalent so I am operating under the assumption that all questions about the debian installer will be tagged debian but when I search for "[debian] ...
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I want to find a specific answer

The answer was on this site or on Ask Ubuntu.SE. It explained use of su, sudo and what root account means. It had lots of pictures, one of which is this one: How ...
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Searching for "2038" (without quotes) redirects to a particular question instead of executing a search

Am I going crazy? Searching for "2038" (without quotes) redirects me to this question, whereas searching for "2037" or "2039" (again, without quotes) actually executes a search. Searching for "2038" ...
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Search in favorite questions

It would be nice to have an advanced search option to limit the results to questions that I have marked as "favorite". At the moment I have too many pages of favorite questions to practically sort ...
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How to do customized search?

I want to do a custom search, e.g question I cast a closure, and contains a keyword, but I don't know any tags other than user:id, where can I find them ?
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