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Questions tagged [scope]

Use this tag when examining what is on-topic or off-topic, and why (i.e scope of the site).

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question closed for off-topic, even though some answers here suggest it is not

I have a sad record. First question asked in this site and it's been voted and closed for off-topic: Wrong timezone offset. How do I correct it? (help with zic timezone compiler) A user, @Gilles, ...
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aws-cli usage questions go....?

I suppose if you're using an API to run the CLI, that could be asked in Stackoverflow, but might not be best. I don't have the question handy, but saw that a question was closed as off topic because ...
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Best place for Ubuntu using WSL?

Where's the best place to ask questions about networking under Ubuntu using WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux)? It seems like candidates are here, Super User, and Ask Ubuntu. The question relates to a ...
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