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Use for questions that discuss the proper way of reviewing items in the review queue, or the review queue mechanism itself.

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Reviewing has become harder

Is it just me or has reviewing become harder with the changed interface? It now takes two clicks where I'm sure it used to take only one. Not a lot of difference perhaps, but enough to put me off. I'...
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Quick answer for "I need someone to make me a script that does <x>"

This is different from questions for software suggestions. Those are questions for scripting in the answer, almost like a commission to have someone write a shell script or use some other scripting ...
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copied content when rejecting suggested edits on tags and tag wikis

I have the habit of cut-and-pasting the content of suggested edits on tags, and tag wikis, into Google, especially if they are completely new content. This proposed edit for /u-boot: Das U-Boot is ...
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Inconsistent buttons in review queue

Seeing we are looking at changes to the review queue, I thought I'd ask about an issue that has bugged me for years. In some of the queues (and don't ask which, because despite using the site for ...
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Editing items that should be closed even after editing

Today the following item was in the Close Votes Review Queue: Its bothering me On iftop i can see ip-172---2.ec2.internal Connected to my ubuntu ec2 server for long long time ?? This address doesn'...
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Red notification when review queue is too long

I've see a small bug, I've reviewed 20 vote close today, and though I can't consult the vote close queue, I still have the red notification icon in review queue while I can't consult it, I think it ...
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