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Use for questions that discuss the proper way of reviewing items in the review queue, or the review queue mechanism itself.

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Learning the art of the close-vote review queue

(Forked from Learning the art of the review queue) For those who often "Skip" in reviewing close-vote items because of lack of confidence / experience / training, is there: A more detailed guide to ...
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Low quality posts from high rep users

Why do posts from people with >50k reputation show up in the Low Quality queue? Would it not make sense to have a filter where answers from users with more than $arbitrary_high_number reputation do ...
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Why can we not vote to migrate a question to

When we vote to close as off topic, we can select one of a couple of sites to forward the question to such as I'm surprised that isn't listed as an option. Is there a ...
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Learning the art of the review queue

For those (like me) who often "Skip" in reviewing many items because of lack of confidence / experience / training, is there: A more detailed guide to how to be a good reviewer (than the brief text ...
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Experiment: More aggressive review queue indicator

Over on Meta Stack Exchange, I announced an experiment that would: Turn on the review queue indicator whenever there's a task available in any queue. All queues with at least one task will be marked ...
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What to do with mediocre edits with "blah blah" edit message?

In review I came across a suggested edit for this question: The proposed edit ain't bad, just a tiny bit of grammar and wording cleanup. It's not a ...
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How to tackle the gray area in reviewing low-quality answers?

It is not infrequent to see controversial reviews of specific kinds of answers in the Low Quality Posts review queue. Those answers are often short, made at most of a few commands or links with few to ...
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Why can't I approve edits?

I'm a little surprised to find today that suggested edits I approve don't automatically go through. I used the suggested edits queue to approve an edit to this post, only to find that it still doesn't ...
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9 votes
2 answers

improving closed questions without reopening

I edited this post, which had been put on hold as primary opinion based. Although I did not get to review it in the Close Review queue, I would have voted to close it myself as well. I did not want ...
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Editing items that should be closed even after editing

Today the following item was in the Close Votes Review Queue: Its bothering me On iftop i can see ip-172---2.ec2.internal Connected to my ubuntu ec2 server for long long time ?? This address doesn'...
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2 answers

Edits: How trivial is trivial?

I've had a scan and can't find a specific meta question for this. I'm at the stage where I'm being offered edits for review. There are quite a few edits where the change is to modify maybe two lines ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Reviewing Low Quality Posts that are Code Only

Following up on this question (and its answers), I was recently confronted with one of Stephane's answers in the LQPRQ. I commented that he should know better, he responded that awk code is self-...
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Are new users subjected to prejudicial or intensified scrutiny by reviewers?

I have an experience to share as a new contributor to where I sensed some slight undercurrents of prejudice.  It would be great to receive a response from the users mentioned ...
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