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Merge [kde5] & [plasma5]

kde5 & plasma5 mean the same thing. As explained by the Super User equivalent, Plasma 5 is the fifth iteration of KDE's desktop environment (kde5, on its own, makes no sense). For this reason I'm ...
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Can we retag suspend-related questions from "sleep"→"suspend"?

Of the currently 41 sleep-questions, some (like this one) are about the sleep program; the rest refer to suspend, as in low-power-mode; suspend-to-RAM|disk. (But few questions tagged suspend are about ...
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tag:lxc and tag:lxd ... clarification required

lxc and lxd seem to be partially overlapping tags. So while LXC is the acronym for LinuX Containers and names the project as well as the software, there are now three major versions of LXC: 1.x ...
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cgroup versus cgroups in tagging

Our current tag for this concept is cgroups. However, according to the official kernel documentation: “cgroup” stands for “control group” and is never capitalized. The singular form is used to ...
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Rename [iproute] to [iproute2]?

iproute2 is the package name for the utility /sbin/ip and its peripherals. iproute OTOH leans strongly towards the ip route subcommand. While I admit that ip route is probably the most used subcommand ...
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