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How do we feel about requests for learning materials?

We recently had a brief discussion in chat about this question which asks for learning materials (specifically, online video courses). I feel that such questions are not a good fit for the site ...
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How should questions cross-posted on Ask Ubuntu be handled?

As a matter of reference, I would like to know how to handle a question that has been cross-posted on Ask Ubuntu as well? Is flagging them for closure the right thing to do? Or should I just comment ...
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Editing other people's posts to remove "thanks"

[paraphrased position 1] Generally, if people abstained from doing edits that are just removing "thanks" and context phrasing (without doing any other improvements), that would be great. I ...
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What do we do about abandoned questions, with a correct answer never accepted?

What do we do about abandoned questions, with a correct answer that was never accepted? If we suspect the original poster forgot about it completely? Not sure if we have any sort of process, or if ...
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Shall tags refer to the solution, too?

Quite often it turns out that the answer to a question is not in the area where the asker assumed it to be. For obvious reasons the tags used by the asker refer to the question only. I wonder whether ...
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What to do when user says they meant different question after you have answered

I posted an answer for a user’s question and he indicated he was going to try my solution. After some time he had not indicated whether or not it worked. I commented to ask if it worked or did he ...
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13 votes
2 answers

Is it OK to massively edit a question after receiving a couple responses?

I asked a question while not knowing enough to clearly state my issue. (Here is the question: .) I received a couple responses that helped me get on the ...
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3 answers

Should I include tag information in the title too?

If you are going to ask a question specific to Debian, you have to give it a debian tag. Fair enough. But I see many also mention the word Debian in the title as well: How to remove dpkg in Debian? # ...
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Is it considered proper (normal) to post the same question on askubuntu and at the same time on Unix&Linux?

Some questions that are fit to ask here are not fit on askubuntu, but the other way around should always be ok. But is it?
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Gone user, answer accepted by the community

In this question the user who asked has it's account deleted or removed or another possibility. The result is that the post won't have an accepted answer since there's no user to accept it. In these ...
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Should we try and educate our users not to ask "Does anyone ..." or "Who can.." questions?

I would like to know how to handle questions that primarily ask if someone exists who knows the answer to some secondary question, or questions that primarily ask for who could answer a secondary ...
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What time was question asked

How do I find the time that a question was asked? I am looking at a question that is labelled as asked yesterday. The exact time, may be of relevance in answering the question. The question is: ...
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5 answers

4-space indentation never works

Whenever I ask a question, on the right side jumps out a pink block 'How to Format', which tells me 'indent code by 4 spaces'. I tried putting four spaces before my code, but it never makes any ...
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Not able to view my earlier post!

Are all posts that I have posted till date available? If so where to search? To search my previous posts, I clicked my name on the top of the page. But there one post (regarding learning perl - web ...
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How to prevent "Community bot" fiddlings from (uselessly) messing the TOP QUESTIONS order?

Let's have an example taken from now : This thread ( No Wifi adapter found - HP Laptop - Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS ) is being popped up by the community bot asserted modified some minutes ago. Looking at the ...
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