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What should we do about Kali Linux questions?

It's well-known that we have a quality problem in the kali-linux tag. Some statistics corroborate this perception (though not to the extent that I'd expected): 16.4% of the kali-linux questions have ...
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8 answers

How do we feel about requests for learning materials?

We recently had a brief discussion in chat about this question which asks for learning materials (specifically, online video courses). I feel that such questions are not a good fit for the site ...
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PSA: Please don't post images of text

When asking or answering questions, please don't post screenshots of text. This is a very bad idea because: You can't copy/paste the commands into answers, google searches, local files to work on a ...
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What else can I do to make my question well-received and improve my chances of getting answers?

I’m new to the UNIX & Linux site and I would like to ask a question. There is some guidance in the Help Center, but what are other actions I can take to make my question well-received and improve ...
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Should commonly posted duplicate homework questions be flagged (or filtered) as spam?

I speak in particular reference to this question from today: Which is an exact duplicate (in different words) of the same homework question from a ...
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Is it ok to ask curiosity questions?

Here's an example question, which passes the What kind of questions should I not ask here? test. For me, it was really a matter of curiosity, because I don't intend to ever use GTK+ 1.x. But that ...
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How can I be assured that my issue can be helped here?

As a relatively new Stack Exchange user and contributor, I see a lot of the same questions in some form or fashion day after day. I don't mind helping each visitor, but before I do, I always have a ...
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Editing before vote to close

In this question on meta I requested that the [Edit] button on the Close Vote review queue items would not imply that I want to leave the question open. The cause of this, is that questions are ...
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"Teaching how to fish" considered abusive?

My comment on this question:, - Have you consulted the tar man page? Reaction: Given that the answer is not in the tar man page, why ...
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How to merge my own duplicate question?

How to merge my own duplicate question? Such as: When a package recommends A or B, which one is installed? Why isn't lxterminal installed when installing lxde-core?
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Has something happened to shift keys recently?

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like people's shift keys are getting flaky. Maybe it's a manufacturing problem, but I'm afraid it's not. Why would someone go to the effort of capitalizing some words ...
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5 answers

Is it acceptable to transcribe images?

More often than I'd like, I see screenshots of terminal emulators while browsing through the newest questions and the "First Posts" review queue. If, given the context of the post, it is clear that ...
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Should we improve posts that are common Google results?

It seems like fairly regularly I'll be running a Google search to assist with a minor problem and the result that I get from a site is extremely high quality. It answers my question ...
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What's our status in voting?

The most upvoted answer in the questionnaire in the recent moderator election, pointed out two issues: U&L is way below average among SE sites when it comes to questions with at least one upvoted ...
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Is it okay to ask questions here when Wikipedia already has the answer?

In the question What is the difference between the following kernel Makefile terms: vmlinux, vmlinuz, vmlinux.bin, zimage & bzimage?, the user asked a question, and a couple comments suggest that ...
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7 votes
3 answers

Policy on multiposting

How should we deal with questions that are posted simultaneously at Unix.SE and another Stack Exchange site? I've found some discussion on Meta Stack Overflow, but no official policy: Cross-posting ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Should we try and educate our users not to ask "Does anyone ..." or "Who can.." questions?

I would like to know how to handle questions that primarily ask if someone exists who knows the answer to some secondary question, or questions that primarily ask for who could answer a secondary ...
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What should I do with this Q...? Edit or repost with new details?

What is the Linux equivalent of the Windows registry? Already 16 votes on one answer so far. It seems like an answered Q from my perspective. I'm planning to post the information about windows ...
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How to reopen my "on hold" question?

If my question still unclear then how to next? (I have deplete my ideas, I need help or more clue as similar comments already in my question, thanks you). How to reopen my "on hold" question? If my ...
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