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Tag statistics - what does 'Score [NN] Posts [NN] Posts % [NN] mean?

I was wondering what the statistics stand for that are shown on my main profile page related to the "Top tags": Score [NN] Posts [NN] Posts % [NN] N = number I am especially curious about ...
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Impact dropped to almost half, without post being deleted

I just checked my profile page and was wondering quite a bit that my approximate impact dropped from 97k to 55k. How is this possible if none of the posts have been deleted?
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2 answers

Do we have any superfan(atics)?

I crossed the threshold for the Fanatic badge some time ago, and have been idly wondering how long I can keep up my consecutive visits. I stumbled across a previously-achieved goal of 1500 days and ...
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Floating votes tab on new profile page

I just noticed that there is a ‘votes’ tab under the regular tab bar on the activity tab of my own profile. The following screenshots are from Chromium 41 on Arch Linux: Summary tab: Tags tab: ...
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Overlay of flagging data with /timeline URL?

Perhaps I'm overseeing it but is there a way to see the flagging history of a question or answer mixed in within the /timeline URL?{questionid}/timeline The general ...
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2 answers

Not able to view my earlier post!

Are all posts that I have posted till date available? If so where to search? To search my previous posts, I clicked my name on the top of the page. But there one post (regarding learning perl - web ...
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Find all questions that I flagged to close?

How should I find all questions that I vote for close ? I saw a closure tag in vote tab, but doesn't seem to have the closed ones, only up/downs, also, is there a search command for that
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Header size on new user pages

The new user page is live. Rejoice! However, the headers look odd here: Screenshot of my profile The ones with links within them are too big, so they run ...
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