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Merge or synonymize tags 'mate' and 'mate-desktop'

We currently have a tag mate with 195 questions and the following description: MATE is a desktop environment based on Gnome 2. We also the tag mate-desktop with 5 questions and the following ...
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What is wrong with my question! [Reverse Direction of Merging]

My question: How to filter any part of description or option from manpage is merged with Newer question: Is there way to see `man` document only for specified option of a command. The newer question ...
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How do I merge two questions in one?

Sorry if I just overlooking something, but I don't see how to merge two questions in one. I asked question Can be profitable to migrate from Windows to Linux in a small business? which was by opinion ...
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Nuances lost in merge... was merged into, which seems quite ...
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merge? or create a 3rd CW backup thread?

There's this and this question on backups. I felt what the users were asking for was different enough (e.g. time machine clone vs external hard drives) to not initially merge them. However, givent he ...
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