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Is the Unix C API still on-topic?

According to Unix C API calls ontopic? and the help center, "UNIX C API and System Interfaces ( within reason )" is explicitly on topic. That within reason links to the meta question. https://unix....
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Add specific close reason and explicit point in the help pages for learning material requests

Prelude: How do we feel about requests for learning materials? I'm tagging this as feature-request and discussion since there was already previous discussion about the topic, but recent events may ...
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Knowing about Imgur's thumbnailing abilities

In this answer to another meta question I have been told about the thumbnailing features available within Imgur. I for one had no idea that these features were even available, and hadn't even ...
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But Linux is a Kernel!

TL;DR: The use of the word "Linux" on this site is unclear. See the answers for what to do about it. Introduction The GNU/Linux naming controversy is an issue that has surprisingly not been ...
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Missing help topic: color codes in questions list

Questions with accepted answers have their answer square in green, otherwise it is transparent. Questions matching your watched tags have a red background. The system is quite simple once you get ...
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Help to markdown editing [closed]

There are wrong examples of usage, and for newbie this can be confusing. Everywhere are: __italic__ or **bold** but that is wrong because result of this is: italic or bold Should be: *italic* ...
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Is there a better way to self teach yourself Linux (besides man pages) [closed]

I hope this isn't a duplicate and I have tried to search Google for the response and am out of ideas where to go. So here it goes... When I am working on a project I like to try and solve my own ...
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