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How do we deal with Unix hair dryer questions when we encounter them?

I should've posted this on the first day of April, but I forgot about it. As we know, the trademark Unix isn't solely for the operating systems, other products are allowed to use that trademark if ...
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Do we have any superfan(atics)?

I crossed the threshold for the Fanatic badge some time ago, and have been idly wondering how long I can keep up my consecutive visits. I stumbled across a previously-achieved goal of 1500 days and ...
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A better, cooler name for the Chat Room

Our chat room is called "Unix and Linux". While this is all good, most (all?) of the other chat rooms in all the other Stack Exchange sites have funnier, cooler names than just their site names. Who ...
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A small survey on your opinions on various issues

Introduction Inspired by this post, plus some discussions on chat. This is a survey, and is intended to be a little more scientific than @FaheemMitha's question. If you think that something should be ...
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Getting to know you: who are you and why do spend time on

I thought it would be a nice idea if we could have a question thread where everyone posts an answer where they introduce themselves, talk about themselves a little bit, and tell the community their ...
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Usernames on StackExchange sites aren't unique!

I just noticed that usernames on StackExchange sites aren't unique. For example, there's gilles and there's gilles. I assume that this behaviour is by design, but it seems to me that such a system ...
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