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Zero ("0") is looking like a lower case letter "o" in titles: o0O0o

The number 0 is looking like the letter o. Someone already drew attention to this almost 10 years ago, but nothing has changed. I recommend to change the font. Question title font renders 0 (number ...
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Is it possible to have the <kbd> for the comma enlarged?

I was answering a post that involved the key combos ctrl+, and ctrl+,. I was going to use the <kbd> tags, but they look the same for . and , - or at least too close for me to tell the difference ...
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Font too small for code sections in headlines

In a headline, sections marked as code use a font that is too small compared to the font of the headline. Actually, the font size for code sections in title seems to be just the same as used for code ...
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Font discrepancy between badge pages

When I look at the Great Answer and Great Question badge pages, there appears to be a significant discrepancy between the font and point used to display the question, despite it being the same ...
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Question title font renders 0 (number zero) much like o (lower-case letter)

Currently, the font specification calls Georgia as the primary serif font for question titles. While undeniably an attractive font, its zero renders almost exactly the same as a lower case letter 'o'. ...
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