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SPAM & flag count not being reset

With the amount of Quickbooks SPAM hurtling it's way around the system, I find I can only flag so many of them as SPAM. If the post has been deleted, does the system really, not hand back the flag to ...
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1 answer

How does flagging answers work?

What is the guidance for flagging answers? When should I flag? When should I not flag? What is the right flag in different situations?
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1 answer

Why am I able to flag my own questions?

I just noticed that I (as everyone else) can flag my own questions. There are fewer options (no "spam", "rude or abusive" nor "very low quality") to choose, but it's still possible to flag your own ...
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6 votes
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How to "communicate" with a moderator about declined spam flags?

I flagged this answer yesterday as spam. I flagged it because the answer was added to a very old question (from 2011) and praised a commercial solution. The original question was very well answered ...
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Should one redact PII from spam?

In clear cases of bot/spam posts such as this one, when the original posting includes what appears to be personally identifiable information (in this case, a name and postal address), is it good form ...
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I got a down-vote I really disagree with and flagging it was probably a mistake

I asked a question some time ago which got mixed response. I edited the selected answer(myOwn) and short time after I got a down-vote on it which pisses me off because I feel it's a good answer and ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Where's the 'invalid flag' flag?

I joked recently here that the "Flag or disagree" button is misleading in that there is in fact no "disagree" option presented. This bugs me most, of course, when I go through the queue and see flags ...
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Overlay of flagging data with /timeline URL?

Perhaps I'm overseeing it but is there a way to see the flagging history of a question or answer mixed in within the /timeline URL?{questionid}/timeline The general ...
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2 answers

Are flags being looked at?

I was wondering if flags are being looked at these days? I see a number of flags that I have made that have had no action on them since 17 May 2013.
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Should there be a moderator flag for cross-posting?

When a question is cross-posted from another StackExchange site, such as Superuser, I assume that we do not want the question duplicated on Unix and Linux. It is bad etiquette for someone to do so, ...
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