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Should commonly posted duplicate homework questions be flagged (or filtered) as spam?

I speak in particular reference to this question from today: Which is an exact duplicate (in different words) of the same homework question from a ...
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Should "command only" answers be flagged, down voted and deleted?

There are a lot of answers that only provide a one to three line commands and nothing else. Sometimes this is enough since the question was asked in a way that the answer is only one command. In ...
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21 votes
1 answer

When flagging a question to be migrated, why are some Stack Exchange sites excluded?

I noticed when I flag a question as off-topic that there is an option to flag the post for migration to another site. However, there is only the option to migrate questions from Unix & Linux to ...
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Delete link-only answers

A relevant share of the answers which appear in the flag queue are flagged because they contain little more than the link. Then the usual suspects jump in and add the comments like: While this ...
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Is OK to flag comments as answers?

I'm "cleaning" some unanswered questions that has no answer, but I found that an surprising amount of them solved their problems in comments. Is correct to flag comments and upgrade them to answers or ...
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