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so–called "duplicates" are effectively killed from view from initial link - why not make that clear?

After a post was declared a "duplicate" it is effectively killed, wasting the time of the original poster, if one uses only the initial link, which is being tacitly redirected. He is not made aware ...
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Project Reduplication of Deduplication - Unix & Linux

Stack Exchange recently started a collaboration project with the University of Melbourne, in an attempt to improve the automatic detection of duplicate questions. More information on the project and ...
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Un-duplicate my question that was posted on U&L & Security SE sites?

I asked a question on U&L ( ) and latter on Security ( ) where I received an answer (sort of). How ...
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Duplicates cross different sites can be reported?

Well, just referring to this question, Since the possible duplicate of it was on another site, would it also be closed as duplicate ?
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