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Weird double-underline for links to answers in user profile

I noticed some rather odd behavior when moving the cursor over links to answers displayed in my user profile: I opened Firebug to see if I could determine exactly what was going on here. The cause of ...
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Font too small for code sections in headlines

In a headline, sections marked as code use a font that is too small compared to the font of the headline. Actually, the font size for code sections in title seems to be just the same as used for code ...
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:hover { border-bottom } on "Related" list in questions causes list to "jitter"

Just a quick note to say that (using Chromium 31.0.1650.57) the a:hover { border-bottom: ...; } attribute on the items in the Related list shown when viewing any question pushes all links below the :...
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Post editor for suggestions has chopped the right side and is not aligned correctly, same for writing questions

TL;dr: Ok, there are 3 issues: The right part of all fields are not aligned correctly. Rev, Title, the editor field and the preview has different widths. The small yellow ? is being chopped off. The ...
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Enhancements to CSS for <kbd> needed

If two consecutive lines have a tag, the CSS effect gets overlapped. Maybe the height of the rectangle for can be reduced or the line height can be changed? Screenshot for reference:
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