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2 answers

when to make an answer community

I've just asked a question, and someone made two comments which in fact answered my question; since the answer was in the comments, I wrote an answer and made it community wiki. Now the commenter has ...
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4 answers

Is it appropriate to reword questions to make them more generic in prep to make them community wiki?

Just as the title says: is it appropriate to reword questions to make them more generic? I've seen a lot of questions that ask the same thing; however, the titles aren't related and the average user ...
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6 votes
1 answer

Community Wiki for ChromiumOS on "such and such" device

I've started dabbling in installing ChromiumOS on various machines and would like to contribute my progress somewhere. Should I create a new wiki page per device or start with a master one that would ...
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2 answers

Flag to convert to a community wiki?

This question asking for use cases of a particular command is practically guaranteed to generate a list of answers, many of which will themselves be lists, and most of which will be equally valid. ...
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merge? or create a 3rd CW backup thread?

There's this and this question on backups. I felt what the users were asking for was different enough (e.g. time machine clone vs external hard drives) to not initially merge them. However, givent he ...