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Editing questions recently put on hold (don't do trivial edits on recently closed questions)

I've already mentioned this to a couple of editors in the /dev/chat chat, but I think it may be worth mentioning in a Meta post as well. Please don't make trivial edits to questions that were ...
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Should we improve posts that are common Google results?

It seems like fairly regularly I'll be running a Google search to assist with a minor problem and the result that I get from a site is extremely high quality. It answers my question ...
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improving closed questions without reopening

I edited this post, which had been put on hold as primary opinion based. Although I did not get to review it in the Close Review queue, I would have voted to close it myself as well. I did not want ...
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How was this answer posted ten minutes after its question was closed?

The question Why is bash history substitution still enabled by default? was closed at 2018-04-09-21:59:11Z. Ten minutes later, at 22:09:25Z a (perfectly reasonable) answer was posted by Jason Goemaat. ...
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Do closed questions go to a virtual land-fill and can they be seen?

I ask questions now and then, and sometimes they are closed. At times I wanna re-visit my closed questions but don't know where to look at those. This is to improve the closed question and well, to ...
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Reopen a closed question after a major edit?

I asked a question here and it got closed. I believe that the concerns cited were dealt with very clearly in the original question and that the people who closed it simply did not read past the title, ...
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Is the "On hold" message sometimes wrong?

Looking at I see the question has been marked as "put on hold as unclear what you're asking by ...
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What is that "on-hold" state?

I see the "on hold" state on some questions that would have been closed in the past. What is this (new?) state, why was it introduced? Can I vote to close in that state?
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How to suggest a similar question

How to suggest a similar question when we find a possible duplicate, or when it is answered in another thread, as show in the following dialog? Is there a privilege associated with this action?
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How/where do I ask how to maintain a package with separate patches?

I have a question about maintaining a external software package with custom patches. Similar questions have been asked before, but mine is a bit more specific since it focuses on maintaining packages ...
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How do I merge two questions in one?

Sorry if I just overlooking something, but I don't see how to merge two questions in one. I asked question Can be profitable to migrate from Windows to Linux in a small business? which was by opinion ...
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Two questions closed. Why?

I got two of my questions closed one after the other: Would you say FreeBSD is more stable than Linux? One of ...
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Is there any way to close your own question

I have asked a question and satisfied with the answers. I have ticked one of them. Is there any way in which i can "close" the question to further answering or is there any convention on what i should ...
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Disable ssh remote login using tcp wrapper

I don't understand why this question was closed without answer, and getting 4 down voted? I want to use tcp wrapper to disable ssh remote login from a client on the server. How do I find out if ...
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Strange question status after an off-topic closure

What happened to this question: I did a bit of editing, then cast the fifth close vote - I believe I selected "migrate to ...
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Question closed for wrong reason, seems like it needs to be migrated? Was closed as unclear (which it was, but the comments fixed that), but it is realy off topic as ...
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Question closed without any explanation (and I'm always searching for an answer)

Some days ago, I wrote this question: Screenshot takes a long time. The post was closed as closed as unclear what you're asking by [5 different users] Aug 14 at 13:36 Please clarify your ...
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Posted to multiple Stack* sites, put on hold here for being off-topic

I was desperate for an answer and asked the same question here and on StackOverflow and it's been put on-hold here as being off-topic. However, given the nature of the question, I feel it's more ...
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Why can users still comment on closed questions?

This question on the cost of migrating to Linux was closed (twice) and now the questioner has left a comment on his own answer soliciting further discussion. Surely, once a question has been closed ...
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Reply from Richard stallman on "free-as-in-speech/beer"

In response to “free-as-in-speech” vs. "free-as-in-beer” I originally posted this on unix.stackexchange but it was closed and deleted.
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