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28 votes
1 answer

Editing questions recently put on hold (don't do trivial edits on recently closed questions)

I've already mentioned this to a couple of editors in the /dev/chat chat, but I think it may be worth mentioning in a Meta post as well. Please don't make trivial edits to questions that were ...
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19 votes
1 answer

Should we improve posts that are common Google results?

It seems like fairly regularly I'll be running a Google search to assist with a minor problem and the result that I get from a site is extremely high quality. It answers my question ...
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9 votes
2 answers

improving closed questions without reopening

I edited this post, which had been put on hold as primary opinion based. Although I did not get to review it in the Close Review queue, I would have voted to close it myself as well. I did not want ...
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Reopen a closed question after a major edit?

I asked a question here and it got closed. I believe that the concerns cited were dealt with very clearly in the original question and that the people who closed it simply did not read past the title, ...
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