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Are we abusing "Request for learning materials" as a reason to close?

Request for learning material, from what I gather, is a request for links or pointers to offsite learning materials, or books, courses, etc. In fact, How do we feel about requests for learning ...
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Over zealous desire to close questions

I have found the main forum an excellent resource for concise, good quality questions and answers, so I do understand the philosophy to remove woolly, off-topic or old (stale) questions. But when I ...
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Unix C API calls ontopic?

I don't really have a question in mind, but I'm thinking of the kind of things that are covered in APUE(2e) which is POSIX, SUS, etc. C API mostly. Obviously generalized C programming is not ontopic, ...
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How do we feel about requests for learning materials?

We recently had a brief discussion in chat about this question which asks for learning materials (specifically, online video courses). I feel that such questions are not a good fit for the site ...
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Abusers of closing votes

Update on Aug 18 2017: To all who could sympathize with me, thank you very much. That is very precious. To all who couldn't, I just wanted to make my learning process at smoother. I ...
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Should we have a migration path to SO?

We're getting the occasional programming question. Programming questions are off-topic, and we flag to have them migrated to Stack Overflow. In the past 90 days, we've had 26 migrations from U&L ...
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Trivial edits to remove posts from the close queue?

Background: Recently when reviewing in the close vote queue, I came across a post that I was pretty sure I had seen some weeks prior. So after a bit of investigation I determined that I had in fact ...
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Add specific close reason and explicit point in the help pages for learning material requests

Prelude: How do we feel about requests for learning materials? I'm tagging this as feature-request and discussion since there was already previous discussion about the topic, but recent events may ...
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Learning the art of the review queue

For those (like me) who often "Skip" in reviewing many items because of lack of confidence / experience / training, is there: A more detailed guide to how to be a good reviewer (than the brief text ...
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Im trying to answer a question and having difficulty myself?

Create hardlinks instead of copying files with rsync Please note I cannot comment and I can only answer or Hijack answers because the sites flaws at inception. The question is not only how do I ...
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Editing before vote to close

In this question on meta I requested that the [Edit] button on the Close Vote review queue items would not imply that I want to leave the question open. The cause of this, is that questions are ...
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What to do about programming questions

I think we have a consensus that programming questions are generally off-topic and belong on Stack Overflow. (I thought this was explicitly mentioned in the FAQ — is my memory failing or did it change?...
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