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Are questions about how Linux handles specific hardware details on topic?

I'm not talking about generic hardware questions (e.g. how Linux names a disk device), I'm talking about the handling of very specific hardware details and interactions1. The main problem I see is ...
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Are questions about using XCB or X11 client implementations in general on topic?

I am currently studying X11 and trying to implement some applications using the XCB library. I was wondering if questions related to XCB are on topic here. While the problems that I usually face are ...
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Why was my C programming question closed?

I asked a question on the Main U&L site, and just seen now, that it is closed due to being off topic. To me this question belongs on U&L as I have been working on Ubuntu and found this on my ...
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What about questions accepting bash, python, C answers?

According to the fact hat C API questions are on-topic: Unix C API calls ontopic? and this is not purely administrators site like , I'd like to ask questions accepting ...
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What's better place for questions about "Linux/Unix programming libraries" - Unix.SE or SO?

Where to ask questions about "Linux/Unix programming libraries" ? Is it better to ask such on Unix.SE or StackOverflow ? As @Mat pointed out FAQ says "If your question is a programming question, ...
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Please add a reference to Stack Overflow in the site FAQ

As far as I can tell, there's a consensus that programming questions belong on Stack Overflow. This should be indicated the first section of the FAQ. Here's a wording proposal: If your question is ...
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What to do about programming questions

I think we have a consensus that programming questions are generally off-topic and belong on Stack Overflow. (I thought this was explicitly mentioned in the FAQ — is my memory failing or did it change?...
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Unix C API calls ontopic?

I don't really have a question in mind, but I'm thinking of the kind of things that are covered in APUE(2e) which is POSIX, SUS, etc. C API mostly. Obviously generalized C programming is not ontopic, ...
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Is shell scripting in perl in range of this site?

Is shell scripting in perl in range of this site? or is perl hacking for SO?
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Is it ok to ask bash language questions?

I find myself asking more and more questions that might overlap with SO. Where should I ask bash questions that focus more on the bash language than they do on unix? Here or on SO?
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Shell scripting on-topic?

There was a question raised about whether How does “top” command show live results? belongs here, or if questions about shell scripting should fall under the domain of programming and stay on SO. I'm ...
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