This is a follow-up to Splitting the ports tag

Today I found that out of 24 questions tagged , there were:

  • 12 about FreeBSD ports
  • 10 about TCP or UDP ports
  • one about GPIO ports
  • one about a port of non-unix software

Since moderators can rename tags, please rename to , to avoid confusion. Please copy the tag wiki.

I retagged the TCP/IP ports questions to , or as appropriate, but maybe we should have a tag. Perhaps a synonym of , as UDP is a rare case? Or a ? Or and as synonyms of and ? Should we ban ?

Revising a year later, I retagged 12 questions to . The TCP ports meaning seems to be gaining a little over the BSD meaning, which shows that shouldn't be about BSD ports. I still haven't seen a real point to as a separate tag.

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I don't know what to do about questions about ports in the networking sense, but I did the rename

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