How should I find all questions that I vote for close ? I saw a closure tag in vote tab, but doesn't seem to have the closed ones, only up/downs, also, is there a search command for that

  • I'm not sure I understand if you want to find questions you've voted to close (you can't yet, so you don't have any, but you've found the place where those go), find questions that you have asked and that have been voted to close (don't think there's anything for that), or questions that you have asked and have been closed (there's a search operator for that).
    – Mat
    Aug 4, 2012 at 8:07

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Since you don't have enough reputation to vote to close, you've probably flagged to close. You can see a history of your flags in your profile, linked next to your avatar below your email address, date of last visit and other personal details.


If by "closure tag in vote tab", you mean this:

Screenshot of the closure subtab http://so.mrozekma.com/votes-closure.png

that's the right place. That lists all (undeleted) posts that you've voted to close. I would expect yours to be nearly empty, since you don't have enough rep to close posts, but you might have a couple votes to close your own posts

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