According to the fact hat C API questions are on-topic:

and this is not purely administrators site like https://serverfault.com/ ,

I'd like to ask questions accepting answers in:

  • bash - it's obvious it's accepted here
  • C - for similar reasons as : Unix C API calls ontopic?
  • python - as more and more scripts are in python, and it provides interface to many C API syscalls, let's look stat as example : os.stat(...) and returns the same structure as original stat with st_ino etc.

Could you ensure me if I am right ? If I miss something, please kindly let me know, or advice how to formulate question to reach my goal.

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No and yes.

I can imagine bash-questions that are off-topic here (like: "How do I programm tic-tac-toe in bash").

The same will be true for C-questions that are not related to system-calls or system programming.

Python - again - if it belongs to system programming close to the operating-system level - yes.

Same will be true for perl, awk, sed, ... and all the other little helpers out there (which can be used for programs that are not os-related at all).

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