It would be useful to have a collective page where people can record their CLI one liners that have been popping up all over *nix SE. Similar to commandlinefu.

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I don't think so. Or rather, I think that's useful for sites like the one you mention (commandlinefu), but I don't think Stack Exchange is the right engine for a collective page of one-liners. How would you find one that solves a particular problem?

If one-liners are the real solution to a particular Unix/Linux problem, they're welcome in the particular question they belong to.

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  • +1 there's also a quality problem. i've come across some really bad commandlinefu... just a property of that general process (it's inherently quantitative to compile/anthologize under a single subject heading, isn't it?) in my opinion; the idea is quality, not quantity. – ixtmixilix Apr 22 '12 at 14:37

This sounds like it would be identical to commandlinefu, and commandlinefu is already set up to do it. Stack Exchange isn't good at big compendiums of information on a subject -- it's designed for finding a specific answer to a specific question. A question like "what cool one-liners do you know?" is too broad, doesn't have a single answer, isn't solving a particular problem, and is better off left on sites like commandlinefu that are designed for that sort of thing

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Pressing commands into one line makes them harder to read, and therefore not so useful in support.

I often develop my solution as one liner, but break it up for publishing.

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