I'm not quite certain of the relevance of this tag. Does it mean "calendaring software" (in which case /calendaring-software should exist)? Or does it refer to the process of calendaring and adding appointments to an agenda.

Why not just have /calendar? I can see a lot more questions being of relevance to a /calendar tag than a /calendaring tag.

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Go for it. This is the same case as the oops tag you mentioned earlier -- a single user created it without putting much thought into it; it only takes 300 rep to create tags, and they probably only bothered because the system requires at least one tag on a question. When there's only a couple posts with a tag it's easy for anyone (mostly) to come up with a better tag and retag them more appropriately. If you retag that question instead the tag will get automatically deleted within 24 hours

  • Done. I've retagged the question with /calendar instead. Thanks Michael.
    – nopcorn
    Dec 15, 2011 at 14:58

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