I'm not sure the accepted answer to this question is correct, and I have left a comment on it seeking further clarification from the author of the accepted answer (or voters).

Unfortunately the authors of the original question and accepted answer have not been online for a long time, and the question has been "dead" for a long time.

My question is: Can I ask a question that seeks to clarify the answer to another question?


Go for it. It helps if you link to the original question and specifically mention how it's different, so yours doesn't get closed as a duplicate. For example:

In this answer that moonshadow recommended setting the sticky bit on a directory to force files to keep the directory's group ID. Is that accurate? Wikipedia seems to indicate that he's actually referring to the setgid bit:

Setting the setgid permission on a directory (chmod g+s) causes new files and subdirectories created within it to inherit its group ID, rather than the primary group ID of the user who created the file.

As far as I know, activating the sticky bit on the directory will only make sure that only the directories' files' owner, the directory's owner or root can modify the directories' files. Do I understand the distinction correctly?

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