Unix has quite a bit of history, and a lot of things with historical roots.

Should questions primarily about the history of Unix be on topic?

  • It depends; my history question was put on hold. I stated in a flag that it is a history question, but still got a simple reply "off-topic". May 16, 2016 at 15:54

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I think it should be on-topic.

The history of any software can be used to understand why some part of it is the way it is.


I think they're fine as well, and this question made me think of a history question to ask, so hopefully we decide they're on-topic :)


I have no problem per-se so long as they're answerable.


I have been putting some history questions per-se as well. Please see Can somebody list the earliest public source-code repositories and when they opened? and if possible open it.

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