When reviewing some post as part of the Suggested Edits queue, I, most generally, get 4 choices (Approve / Improve edit / Reject and edit / Reject).
I, sometimes, albeit not often, get only 2 choices offered: Approve / Reject.

Am I alone with this (browser version dependent? / user history dependent?)  Are there conditions commanding the actions left to the reviewer?


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If you have ≥ 5000 rep (as you do), you get to see pending tag (wiki) edits in the “Suggested edits” queue (and vote to approve or reject them).  However, if you have < 20000 rep (as you do), you do not get the “Improve edit” and “Reject and edit” options for tag (wiki) edits, because you don't have the privilege to edit tag wikis without needing approval.


  • That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation.
    – MC68020
    Mar 10 at 9:43

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