Having, a long time ago, registered under Stack Overflow using some_email_address,
Then, under some site of the SE network using the same identity, SE site under which I earned some credit.

I then registered under U&L_SE using another identity : another_email_address

Yesterday, another_email_address being no longer valid, I removed it and added the original some_email_address to the list of logins as found under my U&L_SE profile settings.

I was then notified in my U&L_SE Recent Achievements drop down list that :

UL +100 You've earned a bonus of 100 because we trust you on other sites of the network

100 credits which, as a matter of fact have not been credited.

Note : If it needed to be asserted : I am not complaining against the fact that my U&L_SE credit has not been increased. I do not even care reading the conditions in which this credit is due.
I'm only reporting some inconsistency.

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    Interesting; I'm not familiar with the details of the association bonus, but I wonder if it kept your some_email_address as the primary identity and thought it should award the association bonus, but a later section of that code realized you were already above 100? We'd have to ask someone on staff to look into your particular case further, I think.
    – Jeff Schaller Mod
    Nov 29, 2023 at 13:56


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