ChromeOS is the Linux-based operating system that is found on Chromebooks, made by Google. It uses the Google Chrome browser as the main interface.

ChromeOS Flex is the same operating system meant for installation on PCs and Apple computers, and is provided for free.

ChromeOS is not considered a typical GNU/Linux distribution like Debian or Fedora, because the main interface is just the Chrome browser. So my question is: are questions about using ChromeOS and ChromeOS Flex on-topic here at Unix & Linux StackExchange? If they are not on-topic here, which StackExchange website would they be a good fit for?


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It's not designed to expose much of a Unix OS. I think superuser.com will be the best match in many cases. It has tags for:

If you hit a limitation with the system for running "Linux apps", maybe you'd get some lucky guesses on U&L, but maybe more along the lines of "why might this not work" than "how can I reasonably achieve my goal here".


I'm not sure it's worth drawing a hard and fast line; chromeos crosses the line between Linux and Chrome. It might be simple to say that anything done in crosh might be suitable, but that's hard to put into a rule.

  • We have something similar for Android, where only the Unix-y parts of Android are on-topic, IIRC.
    – muru
    Jun 5, 2023 at 11:00

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