A frequently asked question is: which foo tells me something, but it doesn't correspond to what happens when I actually run foo, what's going on?

This is a recent example, but we've had many more — basically anything in the tag, and more that should all be in the tag.

Is there one that we can consider to be canonical, so we can close the others as duplicates? Here, canonical means an answer that explains that which doesn't use the running shell's PATH and the asker should use type instead.

If we don't have one already, let's make one, possibly by editing an existing question.

  • I just started a canonical answers thread here.
    – terdon Mod
    Commented Feb 1, 2014 at 15:55

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Should we not start a big canonical page like on server fault instead?

  • Have you got a link to that? Commented Jan 3, 2013 at 23:29
  • @ire_and_curses I added the link to my answer.
    – Nils
    Commented Jan 4, 2013 at 20:36
  • Wow, that looks really useful. +1. Commented Jan 4, 2013 at 21:01
  • The canonical page for which questions would be linked from the which tag wiki, the problem isn't finding a place to link it. I was asking whether we already had a question that we considered a canonical which question. Commented Jan 5, 2013 at 17:21
  • @Gilles I thought you take a look at every question here. ;-) But IMHO your link in your question for the "recent example" looks good enough for me.
    – Nils
    Commented Jan 5, 2013 at 22:13

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