I recently asked a question pause youtube-dl when network is disconnected and resume when it is connected again (which currently has an open bounty). Yesterday it had 3 upvotes. Today, I checked and it has 0.

Can anyone please check what is wrong with this question?


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Your question still has 2 upvotes. One upvote was removed and two downvotes were added which brings the total score to 0. Once you reach 1000 reputation, you become an "established user" which brings the ability to see vote counts. On your question, this looks like:

Screenshot showing the +2 and -2 vote count of the question

Next, if you check your own profile page and click on the "Activity" tab and then the "Reputation" tab, you will see an "unupvote"; someone removed their upvote:

Screenshot of the OP's reputation tab showing the removed upvote

So, in summary, one vote was removed but the other two are still there, just not so easily visible.

As for what's wrong with your question, I am afraid only the two people who downvoted can answer that. I don't see any obvious issues myself, and I just upvoted it.


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