How can I "mention" or "tag" a specific user in a comment?

The goal is to respond/reply to a comment from a specific user and to draw that user's attention.

I seem to remember being able to type @username for this but that doesn't (always?) work.

Example: How to add X-Forwarded-for header in reverse proxy with SSL passthrough I want to reply to Steffen Ulrich's comment. Then I type @stef a pop-up dialog is shown with SteffenUlrich and I can click that pop-up to complete the username. Yet when I do I don't see any indication that this is a link.

I tried to add a dash between Steffen and Ulrich because the user's profile URL contains a dash but that does not work either.

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It's not a link, but the 'ping' works. As @AdminBee notes in the comments, only the first three characters matter. That the space disappears when you click his name

enter image description here

is expected behaviour. What might surprise you is that you do not even need to mention his name to ping him; since you're the only two users in that comment thread, he is automatically notified.

For more information, see the Help Center article or the FAQ on Meta Stack Exchange: How do comment @replies work?

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    Heh, you beat me there ;) Just a comment: The Help page indicates that only the first three letters after the @ are actually used for user matching when pinging, so this kind of typo should not matter in addressing the user mentioned here.
    – AdminBee
    Commented Jan 5, 2021 at 9:36

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