I would like to know if a particular user (from another, non stackexchange site, for e.g twitter) has an account here. Searching with user:<username> gave a (400 000+ items) list of results. When I clicked on first result, the question page had no mention of (ctrl-f <username>, even after expanding comments)


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The drop-down menu in the upper left of the main site:

Main pages's drop-down menu

Choosing "Users" here takes you to a page where you may search for users by name:

User search interface

The direct link to that page is https://unix.stackexchange.com/users

Using user:username in the search box on the main page is unfortunately not supported. You can however use user:me to find all your own posts and user:id, where id is a user's numerical ID, to find all posts relating to that user.

So to find all posts that I (Kusalananda) have written, which contains the phrase "for fun", search for user:116858 "for fun"

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