I wonder which SE community is best suited and accepting of QEMU questions. Indeed I would think that superuser could be another option. Probably it must depend about how much related to unix/linux the qemu question is?

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Yes, exactly: it depends on how "UNIXy" the question is. A question asking about running Windows ME as a guest with Windows 10 as host would be off topic. As a general rule, if the question is about something Unix or Linux, then it is on topic.

So, if either your guest or your host OS is a Unix or Linux and the question is about the Unix or Linux side of things, then it should be on topic. By that I mean that if your question only requires *nix knowledge to answer, it should be on topic. If your question requires changing settings or configuring a non-nix OS (be that the guest or the host) then Super User is probably a better choice.

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