We have a tag named (a symlink to ). It seems redundant to me. Is there a real need for it? Could someome who cares for it actually write a tag wiki for it?

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I think we can do without it. The utilities tag has almost full overlap with shell. The few cases that do not overlap would specifically be better tagged with some other combination of tags.


It does seem rather vague; could a question be tagged only ?

If not then this meets the definition of a meta tag.


I think is a fine tag. It's for shell commands that aren't important enough to have their own tag. It's a way to have more specific tags than the very general and .

It's true that it's sometimes used in a meta-ish way: on some questions, it doesn't seem to provide any information. On a couple, it means “I want to do this on the command line”, and we use for that. But this means that these questions should be retagged, and I've just done just that. Since I feel the tag does convey useful information, I'll leave it on the other questions.

There's now a tag wiki, as well.

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