Seems like the vast majority of questions here with the tag refer to issues with the Anaconda Python and R Data Science package, yet the formal definition of the anaconda tag here is "Questions about Anaconda, the kickstart system used by Fedora et al." In other words, the system installer.

Folks being folks, our users saw and figured it meant the Data Science package instead of what y'all really meant. There are 62 posts with that tag, and 38 are about the Python and R Data Science package.

Wish to suggest two new tags replace :
anaconda-OS-installer or anaconda-kickstarter
Anaconda-Python-R or Anaconda-DataScience. Really don't care what they're named eventually, but completely removing the misused tag and offering two replacements which clarify the issue at hand seems reasonable.

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    Seems a reasonable idea, to me! Have an upvote :-) – Stephen Harris Jan 31 at 1:35
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    I would suggest putting the differentiator first, e.g. kickstart-anaconda and r-anaconda (or whatever makes more sense for the Python/R one). – Jeff Schaller Jan 31 at 15:15
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    (the idea being that if the user starts typing "anaconda", both tags show up, but the leading portion quickly distinguishes them); compare with going to unix.stackexchange.com/tags and searching for "script" – Jeff Schaller Jan 31 at 15:24
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    python-anaconda might perhaps be a better tag for the Python one. It might be mainly Python+R focussed just now, but these things tend to have a habit of scope creep? – dave559 Feb 8 at 16:50

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