I think this is a feature request, but it could be a usability bug. I wanted U&L chat so I prepended chat to unix.stackexchange.com which resulted in chat.unix.stackexchange.com. I was redirected to chat.stackexchange.com with 47 pages of rooms.

The redirect was not very helpful because it was not clear which of the 920 rooms I should select. The rooms seem to be listed in random order and it was not clear what to do next. At minimum I would have expected the U&L room, /dev/chat, to be listed first (or at least on the first page).

Perhaps a redirect should be added that redirects users from chat.unix.stackexchange.com to chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/26/dev-chat.

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    I find it rather amusing that jww gets a “New contributor” label with this question ;-). (Yes, I know why, I still find it amusing.) – Stephen Kitt Oct 4 '18 at 12:49

I mean, it couldn't hurt I guess, but in general trying to get somewhere by guessing a subdomain isn't very reliable. The right way to get to U&L's chat is to click the Stack Exchange logo at the top-right and click the "chat" link next to the site:

If you're already on chat, you can use the "site" tab at the top to switch to a site-filtered view.

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