My question Why are some emoji B&W and others too big? has been closed as opinion-based. I don't understand the reasoning. This question asks what technical issue is leading to a reproducible visual glitch. The comments and answer address that question, and provide a practical workaround.

I don't think the question and answer were brilliantly worded, so I'm keen to clean them up anyway. Can someone point out the opinion-based or opinion-begging parts so I can address them specifically?


Closing it as too broad would likely been less confusing, but the closure still seemed fit based on the level of detail available in the question.

  • You mention some of the icons are appearing gray but in looking over the question multiple times it doesn't jump out which icons.
  • A comment was left but it was unclear if you had attempted to address it with either an update or a reply.

With respect to the answer, it seems fine, I hadn't realized that this question had this answer when I reviewed it on the merits of the question to close it, therefore I'll reopen it.

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