I've seen some discussions regarding voting to delete wrong/low quality answers and it seems that is the incorrect course of action but instead they should be down-voted.

Based on that I wonder why there is no option to vote when reviewing posts in the low quality posts queue? I think it would be beneficial to have this option for both answers and questions in the low quality queue.

Related posts I have found:

I think in many of these cases, the ability to up or down vote would provide another useful option for these questions/answers.

It seems like the biggest argument against this is that a post will be "hammered with downvotes." However, in my opinion, this is exactly the point. If a post truly is low quality but not a valid reason to flag it, it should be downvoted. In contrast, a post that is flagged as low quality but is actually a valid answer would receive more upvotes, as it should.



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