This question started out as "How do I copy data from an old LVM installation"

I answered it by giving the user an appropriate solution, but it turned out that his LVM installation was actually corrupt. So in chat the user asked me if I could help him recover his data, as I did not know how to do that, I asked the user to create a new question with the appropriate details to get an answer for that specific question.

I asked the user to create a new question because I thought the answer I gave for the original question might help other people in the future that were looking for a solution to mount and copy data from older LVM installations, and also to make a more clean question asking for a specific answer.

Should I have asked him to edit his question to request for help regarding the recovery of the partition or creating a new question was the appropriate thing to do.

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    @G-Man I am not sure if it is an exact dupe - the user changes the question using the details provided by an answer. I think it is the behavior of the help vampires - he could ask an infinite long question list, but too lazy to press the "Ask Question" button twice. It is a significantly different problem from the dupes (which is not really a problem). This category is imho more like the "multiple questions packed into one" problem. – peterh says reinstate Monica Jan 30 '18 at 17:40

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