What happens when you edit a duplicate question?

I have a question marked duplicate but the linked answer doesn't help.

I've edited my question and title, to try make what I'm asking more clear.

What happens now will my question go into a queue to be checked again or does something only happen if someone looks by chance and decides to unmark it?

  • The answer you accepted is a one-line summary of the accepted answer in the duplicate, so why don't you think it's a duplicate? Nov 24, 2017 at 22:24

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It depends on the circumstances. In this case, you edited the question within 5 days of it being closed, which pushes it into the reopen review queue (you can see it here). Since it's your question, you should also be able to vote to reopen it, which would also cause it to show up in the review queue if it weren't already.

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