Frequent user of stackexchanges but new to the Unix one specifically, so maybe there are different rules here I'm unaware of (I read "how to ask a good question").

My question was put on hold: 'at' command won't open program. Originally, I foolishly failed to mention my OS, although there is ample evidence in the question I'm using a Mac. The question was put on hold after I edited that in, though (I believe) and even after flagging it for a moderator, I haven't gotten any response (possible I'm just being impatient).

What is this question missing? I feel it's clear what I'm asking and what efforts I've put forward so far, but maybe I'm too close to it.

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I notice that you've recently deleted the question, so it won't get any answers now.

I was one of the VTC votes when it wasn't clear what the actual problem was -- the python code or the interaction with at or opening a GUI interface from at. The only indication that you were on a Mac were the email headers, so adding that information was helpful.

After you responded to the comments, I was also one of the votes to reopen; it was reopened after being on-hold for only about 17 hours.

I was also then one of the VTC votes when you indicated that the problem went away; if we can't validate that an Answer works, then the Question doesn't do much good any more -- even if it was a good question!

My only guess as to the lack of answers is a small OSX community here; only ~1% of our total questions are tagged OSX, and 25% of those are unanswered.

  • Definitely understood that the question should have been closed once I could not reproduce the problem, no issues there. For what it's worth, though, Stack Overflow first sent me here because they said it was an Unix issue. So where should I have posted it?!? (and thank you for your ongoing help!) Jul 10, 2017 at 12:17
  • It's in-topic here, imho, but you could try Ask Different. I don't know their scope.
    – Jeff Schaller Mod
    Jul 10, 2017 at 14:33

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