I came across a great (long) Q, with great (long) answers, several bounties awarded, a pleasure to read.

From the tags, and the first few lines of the Q it was not clear to me, whether I would enjoy it, or even read till the end. (ยน).

At the end of the Question, I knew I wanted to up-vote, but already seeing the first/next answer, and that it has >0 score, makes me continue scrolling down and continue my reading flow instead of scrolling up to up-vote the just-read question or answer.

So I arrive at the bottom of the page, have 5+ new browser-tabs open, and now have to curb my burning curiosity to go scrolling up several screens to hunt for 3 up-vote buttons.

Many times my curiosity wins, I read the next tabs, forget/postpone to up-vote, and next time my Firefox updates, I close the accumulated 400+ tabs, and thousands in rep are lost.

How can we fix this?

I see several options (perhaps with a choice in the user-settings):

  1. Dynamically reposition the vote buttons to always be in view
  2. Add an up-vote button also near the bottom right of the post
  3. Add a Keyboard Shortcut for up-voting, (or document it better, if exists)

Option 1 might be doable with some simple CSS/JS, implemented on your side, but somebody might have already make a user-script for this?

Option 2 is the one I would prefer. To the left of the post-author tag at the bottom of the post you could easily add an up-vote button/indicator.

Option 3 I would also like, but that might be tricky to implement. "Which of the 2 answers currently partially visible on his screen does he want to up-vote?"

Note 1: I posted this on Meta.U&L, because I do most of my reading and voting here, but this applies to all SE sites, and as such I do not object to any mod moves.

Note 2: This could be seen as a "bug" in the user-experience, so I also ed.

(1) It's a Q about an aspect of CD Video-Game ripping on Windows10. (An interesting aspect, as it turns out, not not only applicable to video games)

I stumbled on this, because it was linked to from a HNP Meta Q

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    Wrong Meta... Not an issue on U&L. And how hard is it really to go to the top of the page? Most browsers have a single action for that, typically <kbd>Home</kbd>.
    – jasonwryan
    Apr 1, 2017 at 21:59

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Keyboard shortcuts are already available. Enable them in your preferences:

enter image description here

The help ?:

enter image description here

Voting v:

enter image description here

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    thanks for taking the time for pointing these out to me. I was looking at the tool-tips for the vote buttons, hoping to see the keyboard shortcut mentioned. Apr 4, 2017 at 7:44

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