I wish to have the following question reopened: https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/265961/what-happens-to-the-c-mysqlconnectionstringbuilder-classs-default-constructor.

How can I do that? I was told it was a C# programming question but I wish to port from windows 7 to Ubuntu Linux 15.10. How can I make it fit the scope of the site better?

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Your question seems to have very little to do with Linux. It doesn't matter that you're developing on a Linux machine; the question is about how something in C# works. As explained in the Help Center:

If your question is a programming question, requiring knowledge of programming languages other than unix shell scripting languages, ask on Stack Overflow.

Stack Overflow has many more users with the C# expertise necessary to answer this question. If Stack Overflow isn't accepting your questions, see this meta question

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